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Baylis in Hannibal??

I was recently in Hannibal, Missouri, and between all of the Mark Twain sites I 
was able to see a little bit of the local strata.  I didn't get much of a 
chance at all to see many fossils, but I did see a nice brachiopod on a 
tombstone right next to the grave of Twain's mother, and also saw some crinoids 
on a bluff on the Mississippi River.  

My question is this:  the Cretaceous Baylis Formation outcrops in a few spots 
in Illinois.  These spots (which are not along the Mississippi River) are 
actually probably about twenty or so miles inland.  I do know of some 
Cretaceous sediments in western Missouri (in addition to the McNairy which is 
more south). Does the Baylis outcrop at all along the Mississippi near 
Hannibal?  Could the limestone bluffs there be Baylis...or are the rocks 
Mississippian, like some of the rocks that outcrop along the Mississippi River 
in other parts of Illinois?

Any insights would be appreciated.

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