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> From: Steve Brusatte [mailto:dinoland@lycos.com]
> I'm interested in knowing the possible relationships with
> Cryolophosaurus, another Early Jurassic Gondwanna theropod.  In
> his paper, Hammer writes that Cryolophosaurus may be an early
> tetanuran with primitive features, a belief that he recently
> reinforced in an interview with me (see the latest Dinosaur World
> issue).

_Cryolophosaurus_ is almost certainly a tetanurine, but may be younger in
the Early Jurassic than the new form.

> Italy and Antarctica weren't necessarily very close during the
> Early Jurassic, but the two dinosaurs seem somewhat similar.
> Does anybody know about any possible relationships?  Any
> pre-paper speculation??

Pre-paper speculation of this sort isn't worth the paper its printed on...

> And, what about a furcula in Cryolophosaurus??  I don't believe
> there is one, but is there speculation that it likely did have one?

Well, this is one we CAN reasonably speculate: with the recognition of
coelophysoid furculae, the implication is that each and every neotheropod
had a furcula, unless it secondarily reduced it.

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