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Sandhill cranes follow man to migration success

I don't have a news url yet, but the Sunday Atlanta newspaper (via AP) is
reporting that the sandhill cranes that were following an ultralight as a
migration lesson arrived in Florida on Saturday (no, they didn't vote).  Pat
Leisner of the Associated Press writes:  

> The success of the 39-day airborne mission ended a $850,000,
> seven-state odyssey from Wisconsin that made history as the longest
> man-led bird migration in history, according to scientists.
> From initial observations, wildlife officials said they could be ready to
> embark on a similar five-year migration project with the nearly extinct
> whooping crane.  

The migration covered 1,250 miles and crossed Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana,
Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia before arriving at the St. Martins Marsh
Aquatic Preserve Complex 90 miles from Tampa.  See the project's website at
for further details, not yet including the arrival.  They do have a map of
the migratory route and further information on plans to try to similarly
educate the whooping cranes.