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new book

     I'm pleased to announce publication of the latest book in Indiana 
     University Press' paleontology series (of which yours truly is the 
     editor), _Australia's Lost World: Prehistoric Animals of Riversleigh_, 
     by Michael Archer, Suzanne J. Hand, and Henk Godthelp, 2000, ISBN 
     This is a new, American, edition of a book that previously was 
     available in Oz, and a book that I have wanted to have available here 
     in the states for some time.  The book has beautiful color photography 
     of sites and specimens, as well as nice restorations of fossil taxa, 
     and photos of their modern representatives.
     Indiana University Press can be reached at (800) 842-6796, or at 
     iuporder@indiana.edu, or www.indiana.edu/~iupress.
     We have a lot more goodies in the works, such as books about 
     mosasaurs, moa, really big crocodiles, and controversies over the 
     nature of science in the light of the history of dinosaur 
     paleontology, to name a few.  So save your money.  Buy these books.  
     Please.  I get a cut.  And I have a kid in college.
     Oops.  I hope I don't get timed out for this.
     Jim Farlow