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> From: Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia [mailto:fabdalla@box1.tin.it]
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

[snip: basically, I wrote about the new Norian (Late Triassic) tetanurine
and the discovery of coelophysoid furculae]

> OK. This is not so crystal clear in fig. 9 and relative explanation at p.
> 44 of your new phylogeny of the carnivorous dinosaurs in the GAIA volume
> (just published). Besides, if I correctly understood your text,
> the presence
> of a furcula is considered a character of theropods more derived than
> Ceratosauria (see node M, Avetheropoda, p. 19; see character 225:presence
> of a furcula is the derived condition). Maybe I am wrong and I did not
> understand correctly: theropods are not my main interest and I am not very
> accustomed to extreme cladistics (I beg your pardon).

No problem at all: what I wrote in the GAIA volume reflects information of
(mostly) 1998 and earlier, at which time the Norian tetanurine was
unreported and the furcula of coelophysoids unconfirmed.  This is just two
more bothers with the long publication time of that volume...  In any case,
this new information results in revision of the distribution of furculae.

> The Lombardy region according to the paleogeographic maps of Dercourt et
> al. (1993) during Sinemurian times was not in the northern margin of
> Gondwana, but still in the southern margin of Laurasia.

True: however, there remains some considerable debate over the exact
construction of the terranes of that region (or, let's face it, many
regions!) with more recent analyses.

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