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Re: Erwin Christman Dinosaurs

Christman's Anatotitan top down head shot (drawing) is magnificent. I suggest 
this is a good browse as well - as I suspect all of them are at the website. 
Thanks DV.


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>>> <Danvarner@aol.com> 11/13/00 02:48PM >>>
  The AMNH's Fossil Vertebrate Collection website has just made available a 
very important dinosaur image by Erwin S. Christman. Created in the early 
1920's ( I  think), Christman's pen and ink drawing of a Gorgosaurus 
attacking a group of corythosaurs along a Cretaceous shoreline is a little 
masterpiece of action and design. The drawing was originally reproduced as a 
wretched little screen print in Matthew and Brown's 1923_Preliminary note of 
skeletons and skulls of Deinodontidae from the Cretaceous of Alberta._Amer. 
Mus. Novit. 89. Now we can see it clearly. This image condradicts some of 
propaganda about the history of dinosaur imagery certainly, and best of all, 
it still exists. I had inquired about the drawing several years ago and was 
told it was lost. Hopefully, we can see it in print sometime soon again. 
Christman and the drawing certainly deserve it.
  To see it go to the AMNH website at: 
  then click on enter>continue>image catalog>click on red button to the right 
of the artist box>click on E.S. Christman>scroll down to Gorgosaur and 
Corythosaur and click on the thumbnail. Remember that the AMNH has the rights 
to the image. The website is a work in progress and promises to be highly 
valuable and enormous fun. Dan Varner.