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RE: Catherine DeCamp

Dan, et al:

Sprague and Catherine were longtime residents of the Philadelphia area
(Villanova, PA, to be precise), until they moved to Plano, Texas to be near
two of their sons.  (This happened about 11 years ago).  Before moving, they
used to be a fixture at PHILCON, the Phila. Science Fiction Convention. As
they aged, it seemed that Sprague was dependent on Catherine for guidance
(literally), and they both supported each other when they walked.

Sprague was the epitome of a refined gentleman, almost always
posture-perfect, and with excellent diction.  He was witty and urbane, and
obviously inventive and intelligent.

I only spoke with him a few times, but one of my close friends was very
close with the de Camps for the better part of 25+ years.  (In fact, when
they moved to Texas, this friend got a large quantity of their books because
the new house was much smaller than the older one).

When Catherine passed away earlier this year, we wondered how much it would
affect Sprague, having been together for 60 years.  Obviously, she was
merely scouting ahead.

Allan Edels

P.S.  PHILCON 2000 is this weekend (11/17/2000 -> 11/19/2000) at the Adam's
Mark Hotel.  SF, Fantasy, and dinosaur artist Bob Walters is this years
Artist Guest of Honor.

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  I've received several off-list messages since I mentioned L.Sprague de
Camp's passing, and I've been asked to note that his wife and writing
partner, Catherine Crook de Camp died last April. Dan Varner.