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Dinosaur article

Dear friends,
maybe some of us could be interested on a divulgative article I wrote for
LE SCIENZE (n. 387, November issue), the Italian edition of SCIENTIFIC
AMERICAN. It is about the dinosaurs of the Adriatic region (i.e. the
present-day Italy, W Slovenia and W Croatia)and is focused on the
paleoenvironmental and paleogeographical (with maps) meaning of the
dinosaur presence in this part of the world, previously considered covered
by a shallow sea and placed in the middle of an ocean. The paper is written
in Italian, but in the future could be published in other languages.
If you wish to have a copy, I guess you should contact LE SCIENZE, P.zza
della Repubblica n. 8, I-20121 Milano (ITALY), e-mail: redazione@lescienze.it
For more info: www.lescienze.it
That's all.
Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia