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i'll come back :-)

Dear List Members,

Apologies to HP Jordan Mallon and who else might await an answer from me,
and heartfelt greetings to HP Mickey Mortimer -- my Windows has crashed
after I unsuccessfully tried to install Windows ME. A friend of mine, from whose
computer I'm writing now, has installed a second harddisk, on which Windows
ME is installed, and now most things work again. The exceptions are the
graphic accelerator/adapter (only runs in SVGA) and the internet/e-mail access.
The best case scenario is that the latter at least will work again in two
days. As soon as possible I'll get back into discussion and read the 351
e-mails that are waiting in my mailbox by now.


David Marjanovic

P. S.: Whom am I going to blame? Microsoft, whose Windows ME doesn't
properly recognize the cable modem? Or the provider www.chello.at, whose chaos 
becoming proverbial? ;-)

Don't ask what you can do for your country.
Ask what you can do for your mother.

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