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Re: Torvosaurus Tooth

Hi Bob,

I have just started in some discussions with the director of the MesaLands
Dinosaur Museum located in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  They are apparently part
of a university campus and are constructing exhibits in their "paleo" museum
curated by Adrian Hunt.  Part of their program  involves the casting of
skeletons into bronze which are then articulated and mounted for public
display.  As I recall he commented in our discussion that they had recently
completed a mount of a Torvosaurus skeleton.  The directors name is Craig
Currell and there are a number of articles and sites about the Mesa
Technical College on the net although no images of the mount itself that I
have come across.

Mike Skrepnick

> Does anyone know where I can purchase the following: Theropods of the Dry
> Mesa Quarry by Brooks B. Britt?
> For those interested, I will e-mail photos of a beautiful 4 inch
> tooth recently excavated from the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison
> Formation, Wyoming. This tooth was found in a bed of large Sauropod bones.
> Is the only skeleton of a Torvosaurus at Brigham Young University or are
> there others somewhere in museums in the U.S.?
> Thank you,
> Bob Simon