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Re: Disparaging Popper

...then wouldn't your confirmation demonstrate that your logic in drawing your conclusions is consistent with philogenetic concepts?
Do you see demonstrating consistency of logic as a successful prediction of the implications of your hypothesis?<<<

Well put. Consistancy of logic with prevailing paradigms. Of course, real tests come when paradigms shift, and we see what survives the change. However, the current dynamism of maniraptoran phylogeny allows for predictions to be made as to what a robust phylogeny should look like, once one emerges. I won't be doing that explicitly though, I actually will be using phylogenetic position and my funtional arguements to establish mechanical units and evolutionarily stable configurations (ESCs) sensu Schwenk, that allows inferences as to the origin of of characters for whom data is still unkown. By making predictions based on higher taxa and taxa for whom the data is preent, but currently unstudied, I'm hoping to circumvent the problem that arises when requiring discoveries of species or generic level animals that are currently unkown. The data for discovered specimens can be found quickly (by myself or others) and by using higher level taxa, I am spreading out the luck factor so that most any Maniraptoran can be viewed as consistent or not with my theoretical frammework.

Sheesh, that was a mouthful.

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