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Re: Bambiraptor

In a message dated 11/16/00 9:22:01 AM, mike@tecc.co.uk writes:

<<  The circumstances under which "Bambiraptor" and other
    specimens are collected raise serious ethical questions for
    many paleontologists. A number of prominent paleontologists
    refused to attend the Florida conference, even after repeated
    entreaty, because they had questions about the ethics of
    celebrating commercially collected specimens of uncertain
    provenience and ownership. >>

In other words, they think that only THEY should be allowed to dig fossils. 
If it wasn't for amateurs and commercial interests, there wouldn't have BEEN 
any paleontology. Cope and Marsh were commercial collectors and everything 
they dug up were commercially collected specimens. 

If you have fossils that are worthy of study, don't boycott, STUDY!

eric l.