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Re: Bambiraptor

> In other words, they think that only THEY should be allowed to dig
> If it wasn't for amateurs and commercial interests, there wouldn't have
> any paleontology.

    ...on the other hand, if knowbody knew what Tyrannosaurus rex was, would
people be willing to shell out thousands or millions of dollars for one?
Paleontologists (with serious help from movie makers) have provided private
collectors with thier market.

> If you have fossils that are worthy of study, don't boycott, STUDY!

    One possible problem is that when a new taxon is described, a specimen
needs to be designated the holotype.  For anyone in the future who finds a
new specimen that they think is the same animal, they have to be able to
examine the holotype or casts of the holotype in order to be certain.  If
holotype material is in the hands of the private collector, then accessing
it can be problematic.

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