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RE: Bambiraptor

Jeffrey W. Martz wrote :
" Hey, if private collectors feel like donating some money to set up
bigger preparation courses so that volunteers can be trained to get all
those blocks prepared more promptly, I'm sure the museums wouldn't mind.
Anyway, as Mickey noted, having those specimens on display is not the
primary reason that museums exist."

I agree with you up to a certain point that not all of these specimens need be 
shown to the public - especially if they're fragmentary -, but on the other 
hand I think that scientific work has to be recognized by other people than 
scientists only; the exhibition of some material is necessary and to the public 
an accurate scientific description is not enough. Pepole have to see to be able 
to catch even a glimpse of the enormous amount of work that has been done. And 
where else than in a museum?

Jean-Michel BENOIT