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THE NEW DINOSAURS (and other books)

At 07:50 PM 11/7/00 -0600, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
I have just received my copy of William Stout and William Service's slightly revamped edition of his 1981 masterpeice THE DINOSAURS (now entitled THE NEW DINOSAURS). The back cover describes it as "the book that started the renaissance in dinosaur books"; I have no idea if this is true or not...

I would have thought that the book to start the "renaissance" was Adrian Desmond's
_The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs_. But I may be biased, as this was one of the first
dinosaur books I owned as a kid.

... but I can at least describe the effect this book had on me back when I received a copy for Christmas when I was six years old back in 1981.

Thanks for sharing your memories. I liked this book as a kid, and I look forward to
seeing the new version.

Has anyone else seen another new book called _In the Presence of Dinosaurs_
by John Colagrande? I haven't actually read it yet, but the paintings are beautiful,
depicting dinosaurs as majestic, even handsome creatures, not dark monsters out
of Steven Speilburg's nightmares.

Will there ever be a revision of Glut's _The New Dinosaur Dictionary_
(which is pretty *old* now)??

                                                -- Dave