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Re: THE NEW DINOSAURS (and other books)

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:14:13  
 Dave Hardenbrook wrote:
>At 07:50 PM 11/7/00 -0600, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>>I have just received my copy of William Stout and William Service's 
>>slightly revamped edition of his 1981 masterpeice THE DINOSAURS (now 
>>entitled THE NEW DINOSAURS).  The back cover describes it as "the book 
>>that started the renaissance in dinosaur books"; I have no idea if this is 
>>true or not...
>I would have thought that the book to start the "renaissance" was Adrian 
>_The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs_.  But I may be biased, as this was one of the first
>dinosaur books I owned as a kid.

I don't know exactly what started the "Renaissance," as I wasn't even alive 
back then (although I thought it was Bakker's Discover article).  I would say 
that the original edition of Stout's book was a major catalyst, though.

I have also received my copy of this book, and have to say that it is 
excellent. As Jeffrey noted, you can see the evolution of Stout's art through 
time.  Just look at one of his 1980 paintings and compare it to a 2000 work.  

Another really excellent book is one that Columbia just is publishing this 
month, entitled "George Gaylord Simpson-Paleontologist and Evolutionist."  It's 
probably the single best overview of Simpson's work.  It's not biographical, 
per se, but it's great nonetheless.


Dino Land Paleontology

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