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Re: THE NEW DINOSAURS (and other books)

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Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

<< The pose of Knight's Ornitholestes actually comes (if I recall correctly) 
 from an article by H F Osborn on Tyrannosaurus, Ornitholestes, and 
 Ornithomimus, wherein Ornitholestes is compared with a bipedally running 
 lizard.  >>
    I believe the lizard scenario was used for the Gorgosaurus mounts, I'm 
not sure. Actually, ratite birds were used for comparison originally. The 
original Tyrannosaurus mount at the AMNH featured the pelvis and hind limbs 
only. Next to it stood a modern ratite pelvis and limbs. They actually copied 
the angle of the birds pelvis in Tyrannosaurus. This resulted in the very 
upright posture that forced them to drag the tail, but it was a good faith 
effort. You can see a photograph of this mount at the AMNH VP resources 
website I mentioned sveral times here. Dollo used birds and kangaroos for his 
models with the same upright result and the same tail problem when he created 
his Iguanodon mounts. Lizards were not the only creatures used. Dan Varner.