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RE: Chaunjiesaurus--purported theropod photo

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Chuanjiesaurus--purported theropod photo

Yipes! I need to buy a bigger, BETTER monitor. Prompted by 
Jaime's sharp-eyed critique, I used a newer computer at 
the University library, took another look at the photo in 
the Das Bild article--and yes, the dead critter sure don't 
look much like a theropod, caption aside. I thought the 
neck looked awful long, but my old monitor made the head 
and neck look a bit fuzzy so I missed some details. There 
IS a mystery Chuanjie theropod but this prosauropod ain't 
it. Come to think of it, this prosauropod is very likely 
not from the Middle Jurassic Chuanjie Formation at all and 
must be from the Early Jurassic Lufeng Formation instead.  
I'll keep an eye out for genuine photos of the REAL 
theropod.  My apologies for giving list members a bum 
steer--and hats off to eagle-eyed Jaime!