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Doug Henderson's New Book

  As long as were talking new books, I don't seem to have heard anyone here 
mention Doug Henderson's new one,_Asteroid Impact_. I believe it to be his 
best work to date with some of the most spectacular scenes of the catastrophe 
done so far. The images are beautiful and terrifying at the same time, 
rivaling Chesley Bonestell's meteoric destruction of Manhattan or the atomic 
bombing of Washington D.C. Doug could be as successful with astronomical art 
as he is at paleontological and the two certainly come together here.
  There is a particularly eerie image of the asteroid drifting down the night 
sky in Mexico above a tyrannosaur and a very nice one of a tyrannosaur 
roasting on charcoal. Check it out, it's only about $15. I think people may 
be missing it because it seems to be confined to the children's sections. For 
a look at the cover artwork, go to:
<< http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0803725000.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg >>
  Dan Varner.