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AD sort of - Delaware Museum of Natural History Show

The annual Fossil, Mineral, Gem and Lapidary Show at the Delaware Museum of
Natural Histroy is coming up 12/ 2 & 3 / 2000.

Hours are a very civilized 9:30 to 4:30 Saturday and Noon to 4:30 Sunday.
I'll be there with lots of fossils, some Hall's Gap Millerite geodes, and
some nice minerals. But I will only have 2 tables as space in the museumis
short this year. If there is someting you particluarly want, e-mail me and
I'll bring it, even if I have to stick it under the table.

The museum is located on Route 52 (Kennett Pike) 5 miles north of Wilmington,
and across from Wintethur.  For more info go to www.delmnh.org.

Gene Hartstein
Newark, DE