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RE: Bambiraptor

> He states:
> "There's a growing movement to recommend that all scientific
> journals reject out-of-hand manuscripts based on commercially collected
> specimens that are in private hands."
> Then he states:
> "Commercial collectors seldom publish scientific papers."
> Interesting observations. Of course, how could a commercial
> collector publish a scientific paper if all of their work was
> rejected outright by scientific journals??!!

I did not think Padian implied that the commercial collectors were doing the
writing.... they were instead looking to paleontologists to "legitimize" the
specimen, without the benefit of accurate, necessary documentation or even
localities.  By stopping papers "BASED ON " those types of specimens ,he
was, in my opinion requesting that the journals take a stand on the subject.
That the journals and the scientific community have the patience and the
know how to prepare and present accurate reports of new specimens.  In my
opinion, one goal of publishing is to allow more access to the specimen.
Research institutions are designed for further study, private homes are
If this is the take on what Padian said, then we sure as the Hell Creek
can't talk about SUE!!! It was collected by a private collector!!!