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Re: Feathered Resting Trace

On Sun, 19 Nov 2000, Rob Gay wrote:

> I have just picked up "The Continental Jurassic" from MNA, and in it, is a 
> paper on a feathered resting trace from Massachusetts. I don't know if any 
> one else has read this, but it basically states that a large (5m) theropod 
> left the traces of hair-like feathers on its pubic-abdominal region. My 
> question is, have there been any further work on this, and what are the 
> current thoughs on this? (Okay, so that's two questions)
> Peace,
> Rob

This specimen has been discussed extensively previously on the list. See
the archives, especially:
and following threads for more on this. 

Christian Kammerer