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Flight of the Plesiosaurs

  T. Lingham-Soliar has recently published a paper titled,_Plesiosaur 
locomotion: Is the four-wing problem real or merely an atheoretical 
exercise?_N.Jb. Geol. Palaont.Abh., 217: 45-87, July 2000. In the paper 
Soliar questions the four-wing model of aquatic flight and postulates one 
wherein the fore-paddles were the main propulsive and lift generating organs, 
leaving the rear set for steering and stability. 
  Mary has just alerted me to a popular version of this article in the 
Guardian written by Lingham-Soliar in less technical language and available 
on line at:
  It would be interesting to hear some thoughts on this...Darren? Dan Varner.