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Re: Bambiraptor

> Had they been banned, they
>>would have been sold somewhere else. After all if the GSA confiscated them,
>>it would be stealing!!!
>And if FWS confiscates illegally-sold crocodiles from pet dealers, is that
>also stealing?  Or how about when the cops confiscate a stolen car?

A point of clarification, ladies and gentlemen.  I never said that GSA
should have confiscated the fossils for sale at the meeting.  When I wrote
to the GSA president, I merely pointed out that SVP and the Paleontological
Society (affiliated societies with GSA) have publicly-available ethics
statements opposing the commercialization of scientifically-important
fossil resources.  I found it unfortunate that GSA would allow activities
opposed by at least two affiliated organizations at its national meeting.


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