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Re: Bambiraptor

>In a message dated 11/19/00 8:11:23 PM, cbrochu@mail.fmnh.org writes:
><< I have to conclude
>that you've never actually worked with fossils. >>
>I have, but not dinosaur fossils. I've got trilobites and ammonites. Some of
>the former I purchased at the Harvard Museam of comparitive anatomy [the
>place where SJ Gould works]. I've seen quite a few museams sell genuine
>fossils BTW.

"to own" and "to work with" are very different verbs.  And yes, I've seen
many museum gift shops sell fossils.  This is a practice many are doing
away with.

I am not opposed to all fossil sales.  An organization like Ward's sells
shark teeth and oysters (with relevant information) to schools - this, we
would all agree, is a good thing.  An organization like that I saw at GSA
sells unique fossil turtles (with no information whatever) to whomever.
There is a big difference between these, and it is the latter that concerns


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