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Re: Famous _Coelophysis_ Specimen Number

Rob Gay wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone knows what the AMNH specimen number for the
> "famous" _Coelophysis_ specimen is. 

  _Coelophysis_bauri_  AMNH 7223 
collected by C. Sorensen and G. Whitaker 1948 Ghost Ranch, New Mexico 
4 fingers  
cannibal: juvenile bones inside lower (in the museum display) adult rib
associated with masses of _Syntarsus_ 
first discovered by George Witaker and Edwin Colbert Ghost Ranch

 http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Coel1.jpg  46K
 http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Coel2.jpg  16K

At least that's what my notebook has. But I seem to remember it written 
7223/7224 somewhere. Think Museum has other specimens. 

Always had a soft spot for the American Museum of Natural History.
on earth can you find such a great everywhere and what on earth IMO.
Any challenges? It would help planning future vactions.

apropos "Padian's Feathers... and the amateur vs." discussion: loner
David Baldwin 
in 188? found bone pieces which he got to Cope who named the
h(a)ollowed  ;-)  one. 
Baldwin's field notebooks a half century later led to the Ghost Ranch
And this specimen. 
That's how it should work. It's hard work to take notes and work
(... still a strong believer in private property.) 

(Personal: Ms. J.: coming very soon - I hope. aside-Where's that packing
Michael Patrick Corriss