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Dinosaur List FAQs

Dinosaur List FAQs:

Q:  Why isn't there a site containing FAQs and answers for the dinosaur
mailing list?

A:  Because on those occasions when the subject has been brought up, people
got distracted by other things and never followed through to create anything
approaching a comprehensive list of questions and answers.

We at Dinosaur List Management Central (DLMC) have recently been approached
by a new HP (that's "honored person" for those who haven't been absorbing our
abbreviations) who would like to take up the challenge.  We introduce you to
HP Mike Taylor (mike@tecc.co.uk) who has volunteered to build a set of
questions and compile your responses so that we can do better than just
suggest that newcomers search the archives for the answers to common

Mike's plan is to submit one or two questions per week and request that you
give him answers that he will then summarize.  In some cases answers will
already be in the archives, so one form of answer would be to provide URLs to
specific messages you think are on point.  Mike will provide a feedback forum
in his web space so that we can all discuss the answers as he develops the
FAQs.  We anticipate that questions will be launched here on the list
basically to announce when a particular topic is being broached for
discussion.  At that time you can either write to Mike directly or make your
comments publicly accessible for constructive criticism on the web page
associated with that topic.

However this goes, at the moment the FAQ project is Mike's baby.  He has our
support (hence this introduction), but ultimately the FAQs will reside on his
web space and the official dinosaur list administrative page will contain
only link(s) to it.  Correspondence about the project (e.g., what sort of
questions you might want to see or what format you think the documents should
take) should be with Mike directly.  The url of the FAQ-in-progress is:

Let's make the FAQs something we can all be proud of!

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)
Mary Kirkaldy   (MKirkaldy@aol.com)