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Dinosaur Wars

It seems about time I mention another new dinosaur book out there -- Dinosaur 
Wars! It was released two weeks ago by iUniverse Press. The promotional 
materials claim: Star Wars meets Jurassic Park. Now humans are the endangered 
    I have been an occasional contributor and frequent lurker on this list 
for several years now, so I thought you all would be interested in my new 
science fiction adventure novel that features dinosaurs in a big way (pun 
    You can try the link below to read a sample chapter from Dinosaur Wars 
and to have a look at the cover which features Gar the Kra, a human-sized, 
feathered, intelligent dinosaur. The laser weapon he carries and the body 
armor are a tip-off that he and his Kra comrades have returned from outer 
space to reclaim their home world -- OUR WORLD! Having escaped the Cretaceous 
terminal event and spent some time frozen at the moon's south pole, they 
bring along with them such late Cretaceous beauties as pachyrhinosaurus (with 
nose horn), stygimoloch, parasaurolophus, and a nasty, eagle-feathered 
creature about the size and shape of megaraptor. Oh, and T-rex, of course.
    The young heroes, wildlife biologist Chase Armstrong and Montana 
rancher's daughter Kit Daniels, find themselves at the center of the conflict 
when the lost Cretaceous city of Arran Kra is discovered under a mountain of 
    Anyone who reads the book is welcome to send me a critique. From time to 
time this list hosts concerns about the accuracy/inaccuracy of dinosaur 
depictions in the popular press. Here's a chance to influence future dinosaur 
characterizations. I am already deep into writing the sequel, which will 
follow within about six months. I will gladly factor in any feedback I get on 
the dinosaur appearances, habits, mating behavior, whatever, that I have 
depicted so far. The postings to this list have influenced my 
characterizations of dinosaurs, and will again in the future . . .
Thomas P. Hopp
Author of DINOSAUR WARS, a science fiction novel published by iUniverse Press