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RE: Bambiraptor (comment on Brochu's comments)

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        " Those who collect information with the fossils are not
disreputable.  (To
> be clear, I was using an alternative form of "wrong," which is what Eric
> Lurio said).  A disreputable person is one who collects fossils as
> commodities and not as scientific resources, and who will not consider the
> needs of the scientific community when important material comes to light."
        I suppose using this same logic, art dealers are disreputable,
butterfly collectors are disreputable, and antique dealers are disreputable.
I wonder if the family walking along the beach looking for fossil shark
teeth fall into this category as they are not collecting for scientific
resources, but for fun and personal enjoyment. I am really enjoying this
thread, seeing the diversity of opinon and the extremes. Reminds me of a
certain election we are still enduring. Wonder if we should call for a
recount on the number of T-rexes found. In all seriousness, this is a
sensitive issue and at some point all sides will hopefully reach a
reasonable compromise wherein no one 'loses' and the fossils win.

        B. Simon