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RE: Bambiraptor (comment on Brochu's comments)

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>       " Those who collect information with the fossils are not
>disreputable.  (To
>> be clear, I was using an alternative form of "wrong," which is what Eric
>> Lurio said).  A disreputable person is one who collects fossils as
>> commodities and not as scientific resources, and who will not consider the
>> needs of the scientific community when important material comes to light."
>       I suppose using this same logic, art dealers are disreputable,
>butterfly collectors are disreputable, and antique dealers are disreputable.

Art and antiques are not collected for scientific value.  And yes, some
butterfly collectors ARE disreputable, especially if they collect in
regions where new and/or endangered taxa might be found and keep their
findings away from scientific eyes.  I know some lepidopterists, all of
whom maintain good working relationships with amateur butterfly collectors
- many of the problems they face are the same as ours.

>I wonder if the family walking along the beach looking for fossil shark
>teeth fall into this category as they are not collecting for scientific
>resources, but for fun and personal enjoyment.

If they happen to find a new species of shark, and decline to donate/sell
it to a museum where it might become a holotype, and refuse to tell
scientists where more might be found, yes.

It all depends on context.  I am not stating categorically that all
nonprofessional fossil collectors are disreputable!


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