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Re: Bambiraptor (comment on Brochu's comments)

  Nathan Myhrvold wrote:

<< I don't mean to put Chris on the spot, but the Field Museum bought Sue from
 a source that many consider to be highly disreputable (Marice Williams).
 It's not worth going through the whole Sue saga again, but this is the guy
 who sold the specimen more than once, and got it back by a process that
 caused his own tribe to sue him (no pun intended).  
  Cute stuff, but you ARE putting Chris Brochu on the spot and he has no 
business being there. All throughout what I am sure he is begining to think 
is an absolute ordeal from hell he has steadfastly been nothing but 
professional, as well as have the team of workers who have worked on this 
specimen. They have made an enormous contribution to dinosaur science as 
opposed to Tyrannosaur fairy tales.  
  Perhaps it might be worthwhile for you to go through the whole Sue saga 
once again from the perspective of reality, or would you rather just admire 
your $50,000 crocodile fossil or dozens more fossils in your home or 
warehouse? And that's Maurice Williams, by the way. Next time run it through 
spell check. Dan Varner.