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    For my fellow dino-listers, dinophiles, dinophobes, and friends, an


    Subtitle: Discovering Early Cretaceous Tracks Where No One Expected Them
To Be

    Place: Calvert Marine Museum Auditorium, Solomons, Maryland.

    Phone: (410) 326-2042, in case you get lost, or, alternately, ask any
local person or
even most tourists.

    Date: Saturday, December 16, 2000

    Start Time: 2:30 p.m.

    Admission to talk: FREE

    Host: Calvert Marine Museum Fossil Club

    Sponsor: The Clarissa and Lincoln Dryden Endowment for Paleontology

    Speaker: It's me, Ray Stanford, an amateur paleo-ichnologist who
(beginning in August, 1994) the Early-Cretaceous dinosaur and pterosaur
tracks of Maryland, U.S.A.  For references see the DINOFEST '98 Symposium
Proceedings (abstracts publication) for synoptic views of three papers
by me.  Also see the Baltimore Sun feature article, "Footprints Frozen in
Time", by Frank D. Roylance, June 4, 1998.

    See some of the evidence first-hand:  Early-Cretaceous track specimens
will be displayed, including some of the most beautiful and interesting
dinosaur tracks and small trackways ever found.

    Tracks on display will include the three smallest non-avian dinosaur
trackways known; the only pterosaur tracks
(manus and pes imprints) ever found east of the Mississippi River; the only
documented east coast Sauropod tracks (from very sub-adult, upward);
Ornithopod tracks (some attributed to Iguanadon); the only
demonstrably hypselophodontid manus/pes sets ever documented (possibly by
Zephyrosaurus); several distinctive tracks that seem to have been produced
by Dromeosaurids or, conceivably, by Deinonychus, per se; and even several
tracks that may have been made by mammals.

    Note: There will definitely be some really scatological things in the
presentation!  HUH?!"  Early-Cretaceous coprolites (fossilized feces)
bearing dinosaur track impressions will be displayed.  Embarrassment
prevention advice to kiddies: Don't touch these and then sniff your fingers.
You might be caught on camera and end up on America's Funniest Videos!  :O

    For any dinosaur mailing list member attending:  Please say hello and
introduce yourself.

    Meantime, may each of you have a nice Thanksgiving, regardless of who
takes Florida.  And don't engorge yourself with too much roasted Theropod.

    Ray Stanford