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HUMOR Re: A turkey tribute

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... I'm especially looking forward to eating the pectoralis of these tasty dinosaurs tomorrow ... oooohhhhh .... turkey ..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... pectoralis ......

Did Troodon taste like turkey?

Matt Bonnan

----Original Message Follows---- From: MKIRKALDY@aol.com

In honor of the beloved turkey, a few morsels -- of information, that is.

For starters, Wild Turkeys prefer woodland habitats, especially those near
water. Their diet consists of seeds, insects, and sometimes amphibians. Wild
Turkeys hunt these creatures with help from their powerful eyesight and
hearing. A turkey can see five times better than a human, and its hearing is
eight times more sensitive than ours.

Wild Turkeys are also surprisingly fast. On the ground they can run up to 25
miles per hour, while in the air they've been known to reach more than twice
that speed. But they can only fly a quarter of a mile or so before having to

Another interesting thing about Wild Turkeys is that they're capable of
producing more than fifty different vocalizations, not just the familiar


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