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Re: Bambiraptor tedium

one instance in particular was a group of people from New York state who
raided a site on the east coast and were caught.  perhaps if i have the
time, i'll see if i can provide you with the exact incident

as for the others.personal experience.  without naming specific people, the
most common offense would be collectors from just south of the border coming
up to collect trilobites in Ontario and Quebec.  As these quarries, for the
most part, are all privately owned, in many cases collectors were not only
trespassing, but also illegally removing items from the quarry, and failing
to obtain export permits for specimens that they collected (that needed
permits).  Only Canadian citizens are allowed to apply for export permits,
and precious few are ever applied for.

As well, at the auction a few years back of private collector  Pierre Gonin,
all Canadian fossils that fell within permit requirements were exported
illegally as there were no permits (with the exception of one) filled out
for any of the applicable material leaving Canada for the USA or Europe.  I
was the only one who filled out a permit for an American...this was for the
late Fred Wessman.

Some of the buyers at the auction knew of the regs, some didn't.  It didn't
help that the auction company failed to inform potential buyers of Canadian
law.  But then again, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, right???
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> << It is interesting to note that on more than one occasion Americans have
> been
>  caught decimating canadian fossil localities.  Contrary to the opinions
>  some listmembers, there are far more Americans coming to Canada,
>  illegally and exporting illegally than there are Canadians doing the same
>  the USA. >>
>   This IS interesting and important. You must have some numbers on this.
> are they and where do they come from? Dan Varner.