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Re: Bambiraptor tedium

As far as I know, Canada Fossils of Calgary has a contract with the
Blackfoot Nation to collect specimens there and sell them commercially (to

Perhaps, like so many other ranchers out there, they were tired of being
pushed around by arrogant field crews and decided that perhaps it was better
to go with a commercial outfit that could actually (financially) put
something back into the community, rather than dealing with pushy people who
gave them nothing but headaches.

More often than not, ranchers get tired of being told by academics what they
can and cannot do on their own properties.

Paleontologists that think they own everything in the ground pave the way
for commercial collectors to move right in and scoop up potential specimens
for themselves.  Is this right??  No, it isn't...... but don't think that
greed is always the motivating factor behind this.  Sometimes it is just
people tired of being ordered around instead of being politely asked.

I can't believe I'm defending Canada Fossils...........
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> << I am wondering from what source are you quoting from regarding the
>  migration?  Do you have some figures?
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>   Like I said, from the Padian article. As for figures, you'll have to ask
> him. I think the forced exodus of Horner et.al. from the Blackfeet
> Reservation in Montana might be an example. Dan Varner.