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The pot is black, too -

I don't know who Dan Varner is, but if he has nothing better to bring to
the discussion than personal insults and cheap shots at a mistyped name, he
should give himself a time-out. I found his mean-spirited response to
Nathan quite offensive, and it did not enhance my understanding of the

Sure, we occasionally see a posting here so illiterate that its
credibility, or its writer's very sanity, can be questioned. That was not
the case with Nathan's very coherent letter.

And, as is well known, any post flaming someone for a typo will contain a
typo. In this case, Dan misspelled "beginning." Two "Ns," Dan. Next time
run it through spell check if it matters that much to you.

Your grammar and usage are weak, too, but not actually at idiot level. It's
your content and tone to which I object.

Now quit playing reindeer games with typos, because a lot of us are better
writers, editors and proofreaders than you are, and *it doesn't count
here.* This list is for dinosaurs, and normally I lurk because I have a lot
to learn here and little to teach. Please don't get in the way of our

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