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Re: Bambiraptor tedium

As far as number crunching goes, there are 30 mil people in Canada. By
comparison there are 30 mil in California. Simple math says the influx of
fossil hunters would be from the U.S. to Canada. This all started way back
when Barnom Brown heard of vast badlands in Western Canada, by chance in New
York. He then started to export skeletons at a staggering rate to Museums
across the U.S. ( Can we have them back now?). Concerned ranchers and
farmers then voiced their opinion to Ottawa, and as a result more Americans
(Sternbergs) were hired to place specimens in our National Museums. Judging
by the fossils on ebay and the like, I suspect the privateers have taken up
the cause.
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><< I am wondering from what source are you quoting from regarding the
> migration?  Do you have some figures?
>  >>
>  Like I said, from the Padian article. As for figures, you'll have to ask
>him. I think the forced exodus of Horner et.al. from the Blackfeet
>Reservation in Montana might be an example. Dan Varner.