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When Is A Lizard Not A Bird?

In reply to the recent Jones et al. paper on the "feathers" of
*Longisquama*, the retort has been released. Sorry, haven't read the
paper itself, here's the first paragraph

  Reisz, Robert R. and Sues, Hans-Dieter. 2000. The 'feathers' of
*Longisquama.* Nature 408 (6811): 428

Palaeontology: The 'feathers' of *Longisquama*

  The elongated dorsal appendages of the reptile *Longisquama
insignis*, from the Triassic of Kyrgyzstan, have recently been
reinterpreted as the first record of feathers in a non-avian tetrapod ?
long predating the feathers of the oldest known bird, *Archaeopteryx*.
Here we present evidence that the dorsal scales of *Longisquama* are
not feathers, and that they are in fact strikingly different from avian
feathers. We conclude that *Archaeopteryx* remains the oldest known
feathered tetrapod.

  Jaime A. Headden,
  A reporter with his head stuck in a computer monitor before he tears
his motherboard out to start all over again. Sorry, no succulent
theropod for this fellow this year!

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