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Re: HUMOR Re: A turkey tribute

> Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 18:49:54 -0500
> From: Stephen <stephenbowden@home.com>
> Alligator tastes a lot like chicken, and chicken also tastes like
> chicken.  Applying phylogenetic bracketing, it is not unreasonable to
> infer that Troodon might well have tasted like chicken.
> Unless, of course, the taste of alligator represents a reversal, which,
> given Cajun cuisine in general, is far from impossible.   :-)

... except that don't people always claim that _everything_ tastes
like chicken?  You're always hearing of safari tourists being offered
unusual foods --
Try some python:   "Mmmm, tastes like chicken!"
Or monitor lizard: "Mmmm, tastes like chicken!"
Or Wildebeest:     "Mmmm, tastes like chicken!"

I've never eaten alligator, but I _have_ eaten crocodile tail, and
it's just about the least chicken-like meat I've ever come across.
(For the record, it was very tough and chewy, rather salty, more like
a sort of vertebrate whelk than anything!)

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P.S.  A disappointing response so far to FAQ #1, "Which scientific
disciplines need to be understood in order to study dinosaurs?"  If
anyone had planned to contribute an answer to this but didn't bother
thinking, ``Naah, everyone'll do it'', then think again!