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Re: Experts had thought only herbivores hunted in packs...

> Wouldn't a flood-carried jumble tend to be a variety of dinosaurs
> (not to mention other animals), with herbivores outnumbering the carnivore
> bodies?  Come to think of it, wouldn't this be true in the "tar trap"
> scenario as well?---unless a baby carnivore got trapped and the adults then
> got trapped trying to save it.

But that would imply the kind of social behavior the tar-trap scenario is 
supposed to
argue against.  Besides -- five other individuals were killed.  Is such 
behavior -- one
after another until so many are dead -- known from other group hunters?

Is it clear that no other dinos were found with the so-called "pack"?

Pack-hunting would seem to imply at least some other complex social group 
like group raising of young, food-sharing, and complex communication systems.  
exhibit some of these behaviors.  Do any birds?  Did tyrannoraurs have the 
brain for it?