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Re: [Re: A turkey tribute]

I assume you were joking. When you domesticate an animal, it's intelligence and survival skills can be severely compromised. If wild turkeys were that dumb, they would only exist in arid deserts with negligible rainfall.
From: Caleb Lewis <terminator2029@usa.net>
Reply-To: terminator2029@usa.net
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: [Re: A turkey tribute]
Date: 23 Nov 00 11:10:57 MST

"Daniel Bensen" <dbensen@gotnet.net> wrote:
> Another nugget of information for those debating dinosaur intelligence:
> Turkeys are so stupid they drown in the rain.
> Dan

Doesn't the turkey have a lot of the same genes as a T. Rex (or am I
thinking of a chicken?)? If so, could this be a possible explanation for the
extinction of T. Rex?
Caleb Lewis

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