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Title: Nieuwe pagina 1

Dear listmembers,

I like to inform you that I after Octavio Mateus came with the idea, I created a new chapter in DinoData called Paleocom(munication). The SVP used to have the Vertebrate Palaeontologist Database with the Email address of all palaeontologist. Unfortunately however, they don't have it on-line any longer. So hopefully we can fil the nice. There are crosslinks to and from the Refbase (Reference database). We made a start but its success depends up on everyone's cooperation.

Paleontologists (authors of publications about dinosaurs) can add, remove or change their addresses (name, institutional address and Email) sending an Email to Paleocom@dinodata.net

For direct access you can go to http://www.dinodata.net/Paleocom/pcind.htm or click on the Paleocom link at DinoData's mainpage.

Afcourse references are also welcome.

Fred Bervoets