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Re: Experts had thought only herbivores hunted in packs...

--- Stephen <stephenbowden@home.com> wrote:

> Phil Currie told the BBC: "It seems to me that we
> have very convincing
> evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs formed
> these social groups
> where the young and the old worked together, hunted
> together and lived
> together."

On equally good evidence, Phil Currie also opines that
agile young tyrannosaurs herded prey into the waiting
jaws of cumbersome adult tyrannosaurs.  

Truly cooperative hunting is incredibly rare in
nature, requiring a complex suite of behaviors.  It
never fails to surprise me that certain
paleontologists seem so eager to say something about
dinosaur behavior that they will basically make things
up like this.  Maybe my surprise partly derives from
the reluctance of the pros on this list to make any
statement not supported by some hard evidence (pardon
the expression).


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