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Re: lions and elephants( pack hunting)

--- calzola <calzola@iol.it> wrote:
> hi all,
> regarding the discussion on pack hunting strategies
> in extant animals, i think an extreme (at least on
> land) is the case reported in the november issue of
> National Geographic , about the unusual (dangerously
> unusual i'd  say) hunting behavior reported for the
> lions of the Chobe National Park(Botswana): they
> hunt elephants.

(This reply is only with respect to the claim,
sometimes made, that lions are hunting adult elephants
these days.  Newborns and juveniles seem likelier

The Jauberts claim to have witnessed the same thing. 
This seems to be due to the current exreme conditions
in Africa, and in any event it seems that it hardly
ever happens.

Or does it in fact happen at all?

I think it's telling that the Jauberts, who have been
following the Savuti lions for decades, couldn't come
up with an image of it to put in the book HUNTING WITH
THE MOON of such an attack.  They mention it in a
caption to a photo set of the Savuti lions taking a
young elephant, something very dangerous in itself.


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