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Footprint, Boston Photos Posted Online!

I've just recently posted some more photos from my New England trip online.  
This new batch includes pictures from Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut, Gary 
Gaulin's Dinosaur Tracksite in Massachusetts, and the Boston Museum of Science.

The Dinosaur State Park photos include pictures of Eubrontes, Grallator, and 
Otozoum tracks, plus photos of Dilophosaurus, Anchisaurus, and Coelophysis 
models, plus some nice shots of Dilophosaurus and Coelophysis artwork.  There 
are also a few fish specimens.  These photos can be seen at 

The Gary Gaulin tracksite photos, from Holyoke, Massachusetts, include some 
shots of Grallator, Eubrontes, and Anchisauripus tracks, all from a tracksite 
discovered in an amateur paleontologist's yard.  These photos can be seen at 

The Boston Museum photos include a couple shots of the soon-to-be-demolished 
Tyrannosaurus rex model, a Triceratops skeleton, Ultrasauros shoulder blades, a 
Coelophysis model, Vermont Ordovician nautiloids, and a Massachusetts 
trilobite.  I was also able to catch the traveling Sue exhibits, so four photos 
of that are posted.  These can be seen at 

As always, photos I have taken in several museums and fossil sites around the 
world can be seen online at 
http://www.geocities.com/stegob/travelsdatabase.html  These museums include the 
Field, Houston, Smithsonian, Burpee, Fryxell, Florence (Italy), Pratt, 
Carnegie, Trento (Italy), Redpath, Chicago Children's Museum (Suchomimus), and 
the world traveling Gobi Dinosaur Exhibit.  

Bush wins??!!

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