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sad news re: whooping crane

I recall someone posting an article 2-3 weeks ago regarding the migration of 
a flock of endangered whooping cranes following a small plane to Florida.  I 
regret to inform the group that the local news here in Jacksonville, Fl 
reported on Wednesday that 2 of the juvenile males were found shot to death 
in a corn field.  

A $5000 reward has been offered for any information leading to the arrest and 
conviction of the person responsible, who apparently possesses an intellect 
inferior to that of an embryonic stegosaur.

Has anyone seen any Neanderthals wandering about Florida?  No, even they 
wouldn't be responsible, killing without purpose.  Apparently, for some 
humans, evolution has worked in reverse.

I'll inform the group if any arrests are made.

Donna Handforth