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RE: Experts had thought only herbivores hunted in packs...

> From: Andy Byron [mailto:andrew.byron@diamond.co.uk]
> Predator traps dont have to be tar pits. I remember seeing film of a
> modern day death trap in which toxic gases collected in a low lying
> area. One animal wandered in and was overcome. Before long every
> predator and scavenger in the area is attracted by the smell 
> of carrion, with disastrous results - the local herbivores probably
> make themselves scarce when the predators begin arriving. 
> In Cretaceous times what would be the result? - a theropod bone bed -
> with no evidence of a La Brea type predator trap and few if any
> herbivore bones.

Jarno Peschier replied
> Let's all watch that last episode of WWWD again; exactly this type of a
> scenario was shown there.

Take a look at WWD, the sequel with Big Al (the Allosaurus, not Bundy). There 
you will see an Allosaurus lured into a mud trap loaded with a stinking, dead 


Heinz Peter Bredow