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Re: sad news re: whooping crane

I did an independant study on whooping cranes just last year and was disheartened to learn of the fact that one of the leading causes of death among the birds is from flying into power lines. Man, if it isn't continental drift or meteor impacts, it's power lines...

-Jordan Mallon


From: MKIRKALDY@aol.com
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Subject: Re: sad news re: whooping crane
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 10:12:35 EST

In a message dated Mon, 27 Nov 2000  9:07:01 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Kimba4evr@aol.com writes:

> I recall someone posting an article 2-3 weeks ago
> regarding the migration of a flock of endangered
> whooping cranes following a small plane to Florida.
> I regret to inform the group that the local news here
> in Jacksonville, Fl reported on Wednesday that 2 of
> the juvenile males were found shot to death in a corn
> field.

While the migration story was about sandhill cranes, the above news is truly
deplorable. Please see the following news items for more details:



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