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Re: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement

In a message dated 11/27/00 11:32:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
cbennett@bridgeport.edu writes:

<< This "Bambiraptor (comment on Brochu's comments)" thread went off on a
 tangent.  Regardless, I will add one more bit related to its original
 Regarding Mary's comment:  I fully support the Ethics Statement and its
 goals.  Note the following section within the statement:
 > Information about vertebrate fossils and their accompanying data should be
 > disseminated expeditiously to both scientific community and interested
 > general public.
 That section refers to "vertebrate fossils", not "only vertebrate fossils
 collected by trained museum personnel", not "only vertebrate fossils in
 museum collections", not "politically-correct vertebrate fossils", but just
 "vertebrate fossils." (snip )>>

  The SVP Ethics Statement is just that. It is singular. It is not the SVP 
Ethics Statements. The section you have selected must also co-exist with this 

Scientifically significant fossil vertebrate specimens, along with ancillary 
data, should be curated and accessioned in the collections of repositories 
charged in perpetuity with con serving fossil vertebrates for scientific 
study and education (e.g. accredited museums, universities, colleges, and 
other educational institutions

  Dan Varner.