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RE: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement

I?ve been trying to study some theropod specimens from the AMNH and
they are on loan (something else that needs to be taken into consideration of the people wanting to study it). There are problems in both cases, the museum and the private collector.<
This is true. I really have tried to stay out of this one, for a myriad of reasons, however, this is something i can relate to. It is quite difficult to work on something relevent to your work, when it is on loan to another institution beyond your traveling range. Obviously, in most cases, the specimen has a good reason for being on loan, but when the measurements on the original specimen is not able to be duplicated due to this, one must rely on the published figures (which is why figures are published in the first place). However, the figures may not always preserve the aspect of the specimen that you wish to know. For all intents and purposes, unless you can get a hold of the specimen, or someone who can do the measurements for you, the data is lost to you (only temporarliy, in the case of a museum loan). I would much rather have the specimen than anything else, a cast if the specimen wasn't available, and the figures if neither of the other two options were open. In any case, that's my thoughts on specimen loans.

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